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Sound Workers Cookbook module 2

This program will teach tenets of working with Sound in a therapeutic approach through the use of the Conch Shell, Ghanta (Tibetan Singing Bell, Dorje and Double Dorje, Nagani Bells (Tingsha), Waterphone (Ocean Harp), Trine, and Artigani. This instrument based approach, goes far beyond just an introduction, but offers insights from the traditional uses culled from long years of Field Research and experience with working within the cultures the sound tools originate from.

This hands on approach is necessary in developing confidence, and learning how the cultures worked with these sound tools in a traditional manner, rounds out an effective learning process that will propel you in grasping the subject material. High academic standards are critical, and being mentored by experienced sound workers is the best way to start training in a serious manner.

Tingsha diagnostics.jpg

Students practice Tingsha 'diagnosis' or Nagani Bell 'dowsing'

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Conch Shell Workshop