SWC Philosophy

The SoundWorkers Cookbook is an educational and academic entry point for all those working with sound or interested in working with sound as a transformational praxis. Programs are constructed as a hands on/mentoring examination with widely used sound tools, as well as rare and unique sound making devices. Our collection is museum quality, many are centuries old and authentic. Culled from indigenous cultures worldwide.

It is our belief that presenting the accurate history and cultural uses is vastly important in truly understanding the characteristics of the sound instrument itself. Reliable data and supporting evidence rounds out our educational approach, in support of our hands on exercises and aides in our mentorship of each student.

Many students of Sound rely on merchandisers for information, when quite frankly, many will tell you anything to make a sale. Much of the false or inaccurate information available today was started by people selling these instruments. This is a very poor method when it comes to education. When you know the truth, in regards to the history and cultural uses, you are a better informed practitioner, and this affects your skill set.

Why not start out on the right foot, or enhance your already existing practice with ethical training, in depth examinations, and a support structure meant to push you to a higher level. Our faculty of instructors is top notch, college degreed, with decades of experience; some with over 4 decades of experience in fact.

Our modules are designed to be cost effective, and presented in easy to understand language. No student is left behind. Real training, with real teachers, with genuine instruments; and no sales pitches.

Start your serious training today without breaking your pocketbook, and enhance your skill set and knowledge base. We want you to be the best you can be.