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Sound Workers Cookbook module 3

Didgeridoo, Harmonic Overtone Singing, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls vs Himalayan Singing Bowls, with playtime on the Kabuni, Ektara, Mbira, and Asmat Fue.

This program has multiple 9ways instructors, and features some of the most popular sound tools as well as some that are never explored for their use in Sound Therapy. Head to head evaluation between crystal and metal singing bowls, the oldest sound tool the Didgeridoo, and learn to project the human voice polyphonically.

Each sound tool is examined, with attention to cultural and historical uses, to the degree of being knowledgeable and proficient with it. Small class size insures mentoring opportunities. Instruction is given in clear, easy to understand dialog with an emphasis on making sure everyone 'gets it'. Learn therapeutic approaches to working with these sound tools.

The Sound Workers Cookbook is a series of weekend events that covers the instruments of a successful Sound Worker, popular as well as little known, or obscure sound tools are featured. This program was developed by 9ways Senior Lecturer Mitch Nur, PhD to serve as both an academic standard and professional one as well.